ArcheAge will not be replacing larders lost during an unscheduled maintenance


It’s a day that ends in “y,” which means it’s another ArcheAge SNAFU, it seems. This time, the devs have run afoul of players thanks to an unscheduled maintenance which ended up annihilating larders, an item that’s vitally important to the in-game economy.

If you’re not familiar with what a larder is, they’re evidently extremely important to trade, representing “thousands and thousands of in-game gold” according to our tipster. Considering how much goes into making a larder according to this video, it’s easy to see how losing larders would be devastating to players.

With that in mind, the devs were planning on addressing a bug that makes larders disappear during regular maintenance and asked players to plant their larders after maintenance to prepare. However, an unscheduled maintenance that was meant to fix an “underlying issue […] with the authentication servers not tracking time properly and getting out of sync” destroyed player larders anyway. What’s more, the devs are not going to be replacing these larders, citing the need to push out the fix as a priority:

“With regard to larders lost during maintenance, that is an ongoing issue that we have been working with the XL team to get resolved for quite some time, but have not been able to. In an upcoming patch, the system is being changed, but that cannot be brought to the NA/EU version earlier due to dependencies on other parts of that update. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide replacements for lost larders, however, we are currently in discussion with the team at XL Games regarding compensation for this unscheduled maintenance on the North American servers.”

Players are pretty much on fire over the matter as one would expect, though some are laughing at the fact that whatever compensation is coming down will be issued to everyone due to downtime affecting all players instead of only focusing on those who lost their larders. There’s currently no ETA on when this compensation will arrive.

source: Reddit, thanks to Shawn for the tip!
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Jon-Enee Merriex

So much to say here.

As you know I’ve been a vocal supporter of the game. However this was the straw that broke my back here. Making and releasing these games is hard. Things can go wrong and I understand.

Many may know that I work in the industry. I’ve worked with Disney, Activision, K2 Network/GamersFirst and more in my 15 year career. So when I say this I say this as someone who had done release management. I say this as someone who has been at the publishing end for an external Korean developer. I say this as someone who has totally fucked up in doing so too. We all make mistakes, however this one takes the cake.

Understand that at 8pm Pacific on Friday November 29th (the day after Thanksgiving, one of the busiest gaming days of the year) we got in game notifications that the servers were coming down in 30 minutes. This after it took an 2 hours to log into the game because of the issue they were trying to fix.

The issue was bad, however, THERE WAS NO REASON THEY COULD NOT HAVE WAITED ANOTHER HOUR AND A HALF AND DO IT AFTER EVERYONE HAD LOGGED OFF FOR THE DAY. That was strike two (if you missed strike one, it’s the cash shop prices. $40 for costume, yo!).

Strike three was the fact that they basically said “Fuck yo larders!” You can see people dumping larders now. I sold all my ginseng and olives because it’s pointless if I cannot depend on the servers to stay up. In fact, I’ve just stopped doing trade packs because now that the larders are worthless it is pushing down the value of all the other packs I used to squeak by on. I’ll run to Solzreed from Hellswamp but not if I’m getting less that 95% per pack. That just doesn’t cover the risk.

So by this fuck up a critical part of the game has been destroyed. It isn’t something that just effects people with larders. It effects the entire economy. Last week, if you went to the fishing hole in Solzreed you’d find 2 or 3 people. Last night at midnight Pacific there were at LEAST 20 people there because that’s the only surefire way to make money now.

To be honest, this isn’t about the maintenance, it is about how Gamigo is handling the service.


I left shortly after the exploits with the ArchePass. The larger issue I had with the game is the $20 B2P price tag. The game is unsustainable from a financial perspective, it’s only a matter of time before they add shady shit to the cash shop.


What a load of malardkey… >.<


Imagine logging out with this in mind:

Only to log in the next day and find:

Then your told by devs they aren’t doing shit about it.

LOL, spending $150 on the founders pack ages ago was one of the biggest money blunders I ever made in my life. Glad I didn’t fall for Unchained.


Pictured are one type of larder. Cheese larders which are very time consuming and expensive to make. They also fetched a healthy sum of money from trade. I can completely understand why people would be upset over this as it could financially ruin you if they were lost. (Note: I’m assuming people lost all packs being stored on because they would have despawned)RIP Archeage Alpha. You are sorely missed. Glad I never went back after the first launch.


Storing packs are not done much anymore, due to freshness timers on all packs now. They will be safe from the bug. Only larders still aging will be lost, even larders that are finished and waiting to be picked up are safe.


Not a new bug. Legacy AA on EU servers have been seeing this happening for almost a year now. It got worse with the server move Gamigo did.

This is still the message you get if make a ticket :

Thank you for contacting us regarding ArcheAge.

We apologize for the frustration this issue has caused, and we can certainly understand how missing crops or livestock can be confusing. We would like to clarify this for you, as there are many different reasons for these items to disappear, from death to thievery by other players. Due to these intended game mechanics, customer service will be unable to provide any restorations or information regarding where your crops or livestock may have gone.

For any questions about missing crops or livestock, check out the below article:…s-or-Livestock

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thank you for your continued support and for playing ArcheAge.


sounds awful

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Did anyone think that ArcheAge wasn’t going to continue being a giant piece of trash? Born trash. Is trash. Will be trash until the day they pull the plug – which can’t come soon enough.

The harbinger of MMOs going into the toilet. That is what ArcheAge represents. Send it packing and send it off with a thrown cup of cold urine when it finally does.


I prefer using a lukewarm cup of urine. It represents the same level of disdain, but also tells the world you ain’t got any more time to waste on this piece of shit game waiting for the urine to go fully cold.

Bruno Brito

It should be a cup of flaming turds.

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Even though I never really played this game or if I am honest ever interested in doing so I did want this relaunch to be successful.

MMO have had a bit of a tough time of late with a seemingly endless stream of bad news with the occasional nugget of good. I was kind of hoping this relaunch would be one of the good nuggets as it’s been a while.

Sadly it seems not and seems to be beset by an endless stream of issues that will add up to something not great for something that had a lot of baggage already.

I hope that it can be turned around but if history is anything to go by I am not holding my breath. /sigh


It gets better(or worse) the emergency maintenance you referenced was not actually to disable the library. The library was disabled due to schedule maintenance on 11/27.

The emergency maintenance was for the following (quoting discord):
“the team is investigating issues with the queue on Tyrenos and Wynn not placing people correctly at the end of the line when logging in, allowing some to randomly bypass the queue.”

In other words, people sitting in a 500 queue would see their queue number go UP and not down XD

“Regarding Unscheduled Maintenance on North American Unchained Servers on 11/29

The maintenance could not be delayed. The underlying issue was a problem with the authentication servers not tracking time properly and getting out of sync, which affects the entire environment. The queue issues we were seeing were a symptom of that issue, which leads us to find that problem, which needed to be corrected immediately. Maintenance on a Friday night during primetime is not something that we take lightly, and will not do unless absolutely necessary.”

Yay a day ending in Y