Kritika:REBOOT bans hundreds of illegal trading accounts and readies a new class


Kritika:REBOOT has been on the offensive with regards to taking down illegal trading accounts, which seems to be an ongoing fight if one looks at the most recent event announcements on its Steam page. To try to help in this endless battle, there have been some restrictions put into place.

During one such ban wave on November 26th, studio ALLM announced that use of the Giga Phone would be restricted to characters under level 20. Trading of items between players in various forms such as personal trades, via the auction house, or through gifting in the K-Shop was also restricted to those under level 20. Both of these restrictions were applied on November 28th after regular maintenance.

It, apparently, didn’t work. During a Black Friday sale period, Kritika:REBOOT had to suspend or outright ban more accounts, with reportedly hundreds of illegal trading accounts receiving permanent bans and accounts who have purchased illegal items getting either three-day suspensions or permanent bans depending on whether they bought illegal items for the first time or the second time respectively.

On the brighter, less ban-happy side of things, the game will be getting a new class. HongRyong is an archer class that features high combat power and middling difficulty and survivability. The new class is not available to play yet, but players can at least reserve a name beforehand and can even reserve a level that will grant them a free goodie box when they achieve that level.

sources: Steam (1, 2, 3), MMO Fallout

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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

It’s hilarious and ironic that game companies like this one ban money making then CCP just comes along and puts gambling back in EVE Online.

Castagere Shaikura

LOL wow, already banning people.


Woah…those pigtails on the header pic.. o.O