Rumor: An official Final Fantasy XI fan gathering is scheduled for February 27

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This is not a doll.

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy XI, it’s easy to feel at times like you’re sort of the forgotten child. Sure, the game still gets monthly updates, but it isn’t getting big expansions or the budget of the newer online title. But it’s exciting to see that there may be a new fan gathering for the title happening on Thursday, February 27th, up in Boston. More to the point, it’d be an official fan gathering with director Yoji Fujito and producer Akhiko Matsui, who will be present for both Q&A and a presentation of some kind.

To curb your enthusiasm, we feel it’s important to point out that it’s not yet clear whether this is official or a well-orchestrated hoax, as the page listing the event is currently unavailable and people only copied the text without screenshots. There’s no announcement yet through official channels. Still, for a community that’s eager to hear about new things for the game and a North American community accustomed to not having many official events for the game? It’s an enticing rumor if true.

Source: Reddit
It’s happening!


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Ardo Norrin

Is this the long-delayed premiere of FFXI Mobile?

Apollo Haner

That is what I’m thinking.


FFXI sets the new meta for MMORPGs in maintenance mode.