RuneScape makes some fixes and adjustments to level 120 Herblore and Farming


RuneScape’s newly launched Ranch Out of Time update has been keeping farmers and herblore players busy with new levels of stuff to earn and learn, but there have been a number of adjustments made to these activities players may want to know about.

A number of these updates tend to fall on the “fix” side of things, with the ability to add noted insects to the trough of the Ranch Out of Time and notifications for when you don’t have the right levels to make Primal Pulp among others. There’s also been a number of changes to the Blessed Flask, such as certain materials to make a Blessed Flask now becoming tradeable, increases to sandstone buy limits, and XP increases for grinding sandstone and blessing extra fine sand. There’s been a number of other changes across the board in the latest patch as well, all of which can be read in the notes.

The weekly RuneScape update also has news regarding the game’s sunset on Java, upcoming LootScape Twitch Drops, and a schedule of events run by the PMod-led Pink Skirts. All of those details can be found here.

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