The Elder Scrolls Online previews performance improvements due in 2020


As the recent kerfuffle with the Activity Finder has proven, there are still performance improvements to be made to The Elder Scrolls Online. The latest November update for such improvements has granted a brief list of what players should see in the coming year.

Update 25, which is expected sometime in Q1, promises a patching overhaul, faster loading of fixtures and characters, the second phase of behind-the-scenes combat ability improvements, and frame rate improvements. All of these features are on schedule, but players are being alerted that the new patching process will mean a re-download of the ESO game client.

Moving on to Q2 and Update 26, the team will focus on making pets less taxing on the servers, multi-threading player character loading, and the next phases of frame rate and behind-the-scenes combat ability improvements. Work on the account database “cold storage” has not started yet, however, which means that will be pushed back to some time in Q3/Update 27.

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Looking forward to the upcoming improvements, particularly involving combat & frame rate improvements.


So, the game is much better than it was at launch. And the ESO devs have shown they do care and they want to make the game the best they can. I don’t doubt the updates will improve the game incrementally which is great.

But that activity finder kerfuffle? It has not been solved and it is not new. There are a few issues that follow this same pattern and aren’t fixed. And it really hurts the game despite the upcoming improvements.

I’m fairly sure the Elder Scrolls team does not want to be associated with other debacles facing Bethesda, so I don’t understand why the don’t address activity finder with all hands on deck.

The issue is keeping players away from the game.


Too little too late.

When I was hyped about the game and first played it in 2014 CBT then bought it in 2015, it was so much fun, with no scaling for zones or mobs, each zone was made for a specific level and the mobs kicked the s**t out of you if you were feeling brave. It kinda felt like Vanilla WoW.

I don’t know if it was casuals whining and ZOS to dumb the game down or they did it on their own as I never was part of the online community, I just played the game, but in 2018 when it was the last time I played it, the game was so dumbed-down, easy, you could faceroll through the whole game, at the end I just couldn’t bear to even log in to get my daily reward.

The best analogy of the transition of 2014-2015 ESO into the 2018-2019 ESO is the following:

– 2014-2015 ESO is 64 square traditional Chess
– 2018-2919 ESO is Chess reduced to 8 squares and two pieces (two pawns for each side) and aimed at 4 year old kindergartners.

Now I have a PC that can play ESO maxed out, but I can’t even be bothered to play it anymore and I don’t even care about performance updates, the game has been turned into something like Retail WoW that lacks any soul or substance whatsoever that no matter what they do, they can’t win me back.

… Well, there are two things they can do:

– ESO Classic that hearkens back to the days of 2014 when the game posed some challenged
– a hardcore character mode where they use the scaling to allow players upon creating new characters to be able to select a checkbox that their character will be hardcore – meaning it will get better loot, but the character’s stats will be lowered compared to mobs and mobs’s stats will be higher and if the character dies, it goes back to the casual mode. This is a way for them to actually put their scaling system to good use.

But then again I doubt they will ever put that much effort into their brain-dead game.

Bruno Brito

You spent quite a lot of words to make a essay about Classic WoW.

Dude, just play Classic WoW. Accept that not every game has to be WoW.


After 20,000+ hours of WoW even though I love it, I can’t stand playing it anymore. I wish I couldn’t, but I just can’t anymore.

Castagere Shaikura

They really need to do something about the installer/Patcher for ESO. It’s the worse I have ever seen in an MMO. People will have over 100 gigs of free space and the game needs 80 to install yet they will receive the not enough disk space pop up and the installer will close down. Plus the slower than dirt loading screens after every patch.