Anarchy Online’s progression server raises its level cap, but its future is uncertain


Here’s a fun fact for you today: Did you know that Anarchy Online launched prior to the very first Harry Potter movie release? That should make you feel all kinds of old.

Here is another fun fact about Anarchy Online: Its Rubi-Ka 2019 fresh start server just bumped up its level cap to 220. That gives players on this progression shard another goal to attain, although there are still the question of whether or not Funcom means this to be a permanent or a limited-time server.

“The current plan is to run the server for 12 months,” Funcom originally posted back on March 7th. “However, if near the end we see the community wants to keep it going, that is an option we are not taking off the table.”

RK2019 unlocked the Alien Invasion expansion back in October, which leaves just one expansion and one booster to go before this server runs out of content with which to progress.

Source: Twitter

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Castagere Shaikura

I just wish Funcom would sell this IP.

Bruno Brito

Me too. This game deserves a remaster version with better controls and a less-convoluted experience.

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Brazen Bondar

They won’t sell it. Its hard to believe but many people still pay subs on that game. You can still get the original game…to me that speaks volumes about what they may still be making off of it.


In the end this type of uncertainty hurts their pockets, since me and many others that flocked first months were discouraged by the lack of commiting to keeping the server. Lack of persistence meant also anything you bought on their shop(apart the sub cost) would be potentially gone within a year so definitely they gave players incentive to Avoid Spending

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Jack Pipsam

They have been upping their cap on a self-regulator basis from what I’ve seen from their Facebook posts.

I suspect the server will stay, they might loose precious subscribers if they merge/get rid of it.