Astellia Online’s Miodan Mines patch is live today with a new newbie quest too


It’s patch day for fans of the still-got-that-new-smell Astellia Online MMO, as Barunson pushes live the Miodan Mines zone.

“Miodan Mine is a brand-new, never before seen zone being added to Astellia,” the devs have previously noted. “Where max level players will be able to participate in a variety of activities rewarding: Unique class specific treasures that can be upgraded with materials earned within the mines, along with tokens that can be redeemed for high level consumables.”

There are also new mechanics – like the ability to have three servant Astels at your beck and call at all times – and new dailies that reward players with class treasure upgrades.

Today’s update likewise tweaks quest level requirements and adds “a new questline for lower level players to help guide new players through Avalon.”

Source: Press release, patch notes

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Justin Bania

This game intrigues me but I am neck deep is Star Wars mods on XCOM 2 right now and I don’t see myself getting out of that hole for a couple of weeks at least.

Anyone got an opinion on Astellia? It sounds interesting but there isn’t really much coverage on youtube that doesn’t feel hyperbolic. Just a lot of “OMG this is amazing!” or “I played it for 2 hours and I hate everything!” type of videos.

Jake Lange

At its core, I found Astellia fun, but I got stuck after dealing with the poor optimization and constant performance issues that should not plague a game of this graphical intensity (or lack thereof).

If none of that bothers you, then you’ll probably enjoy it. Luckily it’s low commitment. $40 one time or $10/month if you’d just like to try it.