EverQuest Online Adventures emulator updates fans on the state of the project and how fans can help

It was a thing.

While the original EverQuest and EverQuest II are still running, the game’s console edition of EverQuest Online Adventures shut down back in 2012. But fans aren’t letting the game simply go quietly into that good night, and the team behind the EQOA: Return Home emulation project have posted a video and a lengthy update explaining the current state of the revival. Things like combat are in the latest version, but based on the size of the team and the amount of game left to emulate, any sort of public release is still likely to be four or five years off.

Fortunately, for people who want to help, there are options even if you’re not a coder, since the team is looking for people who remember placement of enemies in the world who will take on the tedious work of trying to replicate the game’s maps accurately. Money is not being accepted for the game’s revival efforts, however, and participation in the restoration does require using Facebook. Still, it’s heartening to see that the game is still getting closer and closer to a playable state after all this time.

Source: Reddit
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