RuneScape shows off its holiday armor, the Christmas event, and smoother movement for December

Happy something or other.

Merry Christmas, RuneScape fans! Your holiday award this year is movement not looking horribly janky! Well… all right, your actual holiday event is going to be building a giant exploding holiday cracker and picking up a new set of faintly thematic armor. But the plans for December do include smoothed movement, as detailed in the game’s announcement of plans for the month of December. And let’s be honest, less janky movement is the gift that keeps on giving. (Or stops taking your patience with herky-jerky movement for granted. It’s a fine line.)

Aside from that, players also get a holiday advent calendar leading up to December 25th, so that’s another element to enjoy for the winter festivities. There are also plans for the start of the new year, ranging from the traditional anniversary cake and a holiday event to the upcoming discussion of the Archaeology skill in January. In short, here are your presents, RuneScape players. They’re only wrapped in time.


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Nick Smith

In my opinion, its not only the janky movement, its the click to move! Let me move with my arrow keys!