Conan Exiles adds mounted combat and followers in tomorrow’s patch

My little pony, my little pony, ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh ♪
Conan Exiles

Tomorrow, it will be time for fans of Conan Exiles to take their horses to the old town road and ride until… well, the horse levels up. Yes, it’s the patch adding in mechanics like follower leveling, which includes mounts leveling up and becoming better over time, just like your combat companions out in the world (since mounts, combat pets, and combat thralls are all now being grouped together under the category of “followers”).

The patch also brings mounted combat along with it, which means that your high-level charger can be trained as a fearsome battle steed and you can actually get good at riding said horse as such. Add in improvements to momentum and movement in combat and there’s plenty to like for players embedded in the game; you can check out the full set of patch notes now ahead of the patch arrival tomorrow. You can also choose to level something up other than a horse, of course, but there are very few songs about riding a crocodile to reference.

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