Riot promises to balance Legends of Runeterra to make all competitive formats fair


The downright Sisyphean task of balancing competitive CCG gameplay has begun for Riot’s Legends of Runeterra, but game designer Steve Rubin promises that the team is up to the challenge. Not only that, but he promises that they’ll make sure that every competitive mode is balanced. He probably would have claimed the game would clear your skin and make your hair grow, but he presumably was knocked out before making those statements.

If I sound cynical, that’s not an accident, but you’ll perhaps agree with me when you read Rubin’s statements:

“Many other CCGs don’t balance limited or alternate game modes to the same degree as constructed, or even particularly consider those formats when nerfing or banning cards. We want any of our competitive formats to be fair and regulated to the same degree.

We also want to make sure every Champion has a consistently realizable gameplay dream, and that every card in the game is a quality option for at least one deck. We aim to change cards in ways that don’t overnerf them or leave them obsolete, since we think one of the worst experiences in card games is when a card gets over-nerfed or banned – which can leave an entire deck no longer functional.”

While Rubin admits that the job of balancing Legends of Runeterra faces “sizeable challenges,” he also promises that the team will be proactive in its changes and pay close attention to player feedback when it comes to adjusting cards. So, yea, good luck with that, Riot.

source: PCGamesN

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I am now convinced games these days are named by words on ping-pong balls coming out of a lotto machine.

TherecDaMage .

He’s either talking out his ass or this card game is going to be the most boring flop right out the gate.

There is no such thing as all cards being competitively viable in a CCG. Optimal decks always rise up.

If he’s able to equally balance them like he says, it means that there’s nothing interesting or creative about the cards, and the game becomes flashy gin rummy.


What people don’t understand, is that when they talk about player feedback they mean those players who happen to play guitar and use lots of feedback, not actual feedback on the games, no one cares about that.