Blade & Soul previews Will of Iron’s new Destroyer spec, teases Korean UE4 graphics overhaul


The update arriving for Blade & Soul on December 11th includes a third spec for the Destroyer, the Way of the Iron Will, and it’s a pretty dramatic spec change just from a visual standpoint. You literally build your way up to hacking at enemies with two axes while encased in special armor, possibly while accompanied by golden flares of power in the process. In terms of sheer visual panache, it’s a hard act for any other spec to follow.

Fortunately for Destroyer players, it also has some actual game mechanics to back it up with the addition of extra damage to your abilities as well as a number of defensive buffs for your entire party. So the spec gives you a new set of armor and paired axes while also ensuring that the rest of your party is more likely to survive. It’s hard to ask for much more than that. There’s a livestream today at 2:00 p.m. EST, just as this piece goes live, so you can see it in action then.

In other Blade & Soul news, the Korean version of the game is gearing up for the first part of its engine-switchover patch, with the graphics overhaul and new content coming up, as chronicled on MMO Culture.

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