Final Fantasy XIV shows off more details about the Blue Mage updates and a new mount for patch 5.15

Vendi ad me frat

A firm date has not yet been established for patch 5.15 forĀ Final Fantasy XIV, but we have gotten some extremely relevant new information about the patch in the form of a new update for the overall 5.1 patch mini-site. That means another preview of the stuff coming for Blue Mage, and perhaps most importantly, a shot of the all-Blue-Mage duty finder that was previously teased. The interface shown offers a list of eligible duties, which is split between dungeons, trials, and raids; it also includes several parts of Alexander, the Crystal Tower encounters, and the Shadows of Mhach content at a bare minimum.

There’s also a screenshot of Blue Mages fighting Nidhogg on the Steps of Faith and a listing of the Extreme fight against Leviathan in the interface for a weekly target, which would seem to indicate that the new Blue Mage duty finder will be taking the place of the Masked Carnivale already in place. It’s not clear yet whether the new mech mount showed off will be a reward from this Blue Mage content, the new PvP map, or something else entirely; all we know is that we’d love a date even for this smaller patch.

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