Frolic in Fractured’s alpha public stress test this weekend


If Fractured had a theme song right now (which it probably does but ignore that right now), it’s got to be Simple Minds’ Don’t You Forget About Me. It might be easy to overlook this scrappy little sandbox MMORPG, but Fractured doesn’t want to go unnoticed as it works its way through alpha testing.

To both up its profile and help stress test the server, Dynamight Studios is opening up Fractured’s Alpha 2 test to the public this weekend. Players have from this Friday through Monday to check out the latest build of the game. Current testers might be a mite rankled that a wipe has to occur before the stress test, but such are the nature of alphas, right?

“A stress test is a crucial step in the development of an MMO. More in detail, the Open Alpha 2 Weekend will allow us to assess the performance of the following systems under heavy load,” the studio said.

Source: Fractured. Thanks, Panagiotis!
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