The Repopulation’s new tutorial area is expected to arrive with December’s patch


Getting started in a sandbox like The Repopulation always seems to be the hardest landing to stick. I should know; I’ve played more than a few sandboxes where the onboarding was… less than ideal, I’ll say. As for the game’s upcoming tutorial island, it seems to be less about starting folks off right and more about informing the game’s further progress into its world revamp.

The tutorial island and the patch that comes along with it will kick off what Idea Fabrik is now calling “Phase One,” effectively opening up The Repopulation to testing and player feedback. This new starter island will feature six open world areas, new art styles for each nation, fourteen ocean areas that will have limited access as the devs test the world revamp, and over 200 NPCs, though most of these will be placeholders for now.

The dev blog also provides a general overview of what sorts of things players can expect to see in terms of structures, biomes, and interactive elements in each of the island’s six areas. It also forewarns about some things that may not make it in to the patch and a number of issues players should expect — it is a testing environment, after all.

The new patch is expected to land sometime in December. You can get all of the details ahead of time if you’re at all curious.

source: official site. Thanks, James!

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It’s been six years and two owners since I last saw The Repopulation, and five years since I bought into the original Kickstarter. They’ve been in alpha for the last two and a half years, if the March 2017 newsletter from the current owner is any milestone.

I’m happy they’re still working on it, I guess, but entire generations of games have come and gone at this point. I’m not holding out much hope.

Toy Clown

I’m actually happy to see The Repopulation is still moving forward.