DC Universe Online’s Metal Part II episode launches with new missions, raids, and alerts


It’s been a long time since I’ve booted up DC Universe Online, but judging by the lede in the announcement post, everything’s gone straight to hell: “Earth is sinking into the Dark Multiverse, Batman and Superman are missing, and the planet Thanagar has a world-destroying gun aimed at Earth.” Naturally, it’s up to players to help save not just the day but the universe.

Metal Part II drops in plenty of jobs for DCUO players to do, including a new Duo mission, new open world missions on Thanagar, a new Alert that takes place in Atlantis, and two new Raids and Elite Raids. Naturally, there’s plenty of new gear, base items, and feats to rake in as well.

The latest content is tuned for level 30 players with a minimum Combat Rating of 264, but there’s also a limited-time “event” version of the Metal Part II instances offered to players who are level 15 and up. Simply open the Events tab of the On Duty menu to access them.

Naturally, this new update has a bunch of patch notes as well as a sizzle trailer, which we’ve got embedded below.


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