Fallout 76 wraps up 2019 with Halloween and Christmas combined

Fallout 76 wraps up 2019 with Halloween and Christmas combined

Fallout 76 may be riddled with radiation, bugs, and non-stop controversy, but Bethesda is determined to finish the year on a positive note with a big patch and multiple events.

Next week will see the release of Update 16. This patch will add more choices for Nuclear Winter matches, the option to make private worlds closed off to just you or select friends, and the return of Halloween challenges (along with a couple of new ones).

There’s plenty to enjoy during December in the game. A free trial and double XP weekend is scheduled from December 12th through the 16th (with the base game only) and will coincide with a 50% off sale for the game itself. Christmas is coming next week as well, but it won’t be merry tidings and peace to all. Instead, it’s more of a “hunt Santa-dressed Scorched and pester the Santatron for free loot” variety.

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Michael Fuchs

This winter event is actually pretty fun so far. The santa scorched and the gifts are a fun addition.


Base game only? Is there paid dlc/expansions for this?

And do you hang your jack o lanterns over the fireplace so people can put gifts in them? Or do they just cook and rot and you have bits of decaying pumpkin falling onto the hearth and a bunker that stinks.


I assume “base game” means without Nuclear Winter or private servers.


Ah, “No Man’s Vault.” Can’t wait to see the latest regression bug roundup.