Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 5.15 arrives on December 10 with Blue Mage and PvP updates

Also, far too many dwarves.

It seems not that long ago that we were wondering when we would be getting an official date for the next Final Fantasy XIV patch, probably because it was not that long ago. (It was yesterday.) Fortunately, we now have the answer for that question, as patch 5.15 will be launching on December 10th following maintenance. If you want to buy level 60 casting accessories ahead of the date, that may be a wise investment of your time.

Why would you buy those? Because that’s one of the big parts of this smaller patch, naturally; players will be able to reach level 60 on Blue Mage, along with unlocking new challenges and content on the game’s first (and currently only) Limited Job. Of course, there are also new spells to learn to accompany the level cap bump. Players will also have access to a new Frontline map, a new mount through unknown means, and presumably a few more little tweaks to quality of life. That should help tide players over until the next major update, yes?

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Steve Fury

I’d happily sacrifice Blue Mage for better inventory management lol.

Steven Orris

There’s honestly nothing wrong with the inventory management, at least I’ve never had any issues with it.


few more little tweaks to quality of life

We need one huge tweak… a material UI / bag like GW2 :P Thats my “dream feature” for FFXIV…


I don’t know if it says how good the game is or how horrible the quality of life is for items, but the most frustrating thing about this entire game is inventory management.

Even though you only need one character in this game, you still have to split your items up over multiple different systems, including two separate bags for your actual character. Plus the whole glamour/armoir/dresser business is endlessly confusing and inadequate.

Mikey's Bored

Inventory management updates are something they are working on, but it is something they have to do a lot of work on in the back-end. They’ve had a lot of limitations that were a holdover from PS3 support, which is now discontinued so they have been able to make upgrades to that stuff, but apparently it’s a pretty big undertaking requiring some huge overhauls of engine and server architectural stuff with a lot of costs involved and they still need to be able to produce content so these upgrades are taking a bit of time and coming in incremental phases, Yoshi-P detailed this stuff in previous letters, posts, and streams. I am glad they are working on it though!


Good thing I’ve got a full set of augmented shire gear sitting around and being worn by my SMN/BLM ’til I level those two beyond 60.

And chances are that mech mount will be a PvP reward for getting 100 wins in the new map or something like that. :/

Toy Clown

I just got my goldsmith to 70 today! I might have to stop and make some gold.