Legends of Aria ran into major issues with its New Dawn patch, but it’s up now

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Legends of Aria New Dawn update was meant to release yesterday, but you might have noticed that it didn’t quite happen to plan. Last night and this morning, Citadel’s Twitter confirmed that some backend issues were causing persistent problems leading to the delay. The server was expected up at 11 a.m. EST today, and now the devs say it’s live.

You can read the patch notes on the official site detailing exactly what is due along with this patch, including the sweeping overhaul for justice systems and criminal penalties that we’ve previously covered, along with the new free-to-play mode.

Source: Patch notes, Twitter (1, 2).
When this article was written this morning, the server was still down, but the server went live between then and publication. We updated this article after publication to make it clear it’s up now.

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Rodrigo Dias Costa

Way too laggy for me to play right now. Maybe in a couple more months


Still down for me. Re-installing now on the off chance there’s something wonky in the launcher.