PSA: Warframe and Path of Exile hand out free goodies to Twitch Prime members


What do a grimdark MMOARPG and a hyper-futuristic action combat MMO shooter have in common? Lots and lots of adjectives! Also, they’re giving away free things to Twitch Prime members. If you’re a player of either Path of Exile or Warframe (or both!), then there are some treats for you to gather up.

Path of Exile is dishing out a Divine Arcane Portal cosmetic item and the Holy Eyes cosmetic for those Exiles who want a little more divine light in their dark meanderings. As for Warframe, players are being offered a Filigree Prime decoration, the Ember Frame, and an additional Frame slot. Which is actually pretty nice considering different Frames are what make playing Warframe unique. Twitch Prime is effectively enabling altitis here.

Just a reminder that Twitch Prime is a benefit of Amazon Prime membership, so if you totally forgot that you’re subscribed to the service, you can find instructions on how to claim and redeem these goodies are on their respective links. And hey, if you happen to have a free Twitch subscription from Amazon Prime burning a hole in your pocket, maybe consider using it on our own Twitch channel. Your support always means a lot and keeps us working for you.


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