Richard Garriott gives RPG game developer permission to use Lord British

Richard Garriott (left) and Starr Long (right)

You may have never heard of a game called Corven, but one of the industry’s most famous developers is lending his fame to put this upcoming title on the map. Richard Garriott apparently gave permission for the team behind the single-player RPG Corven to use his alter-ego Lord British in the setting and story. Once you realize that this game is heavily inspired by the Ultima series, this starts to make sense.

“Lord British will not just be a gimmick in Corven, but will play an essential role in the main storyline,” the game’s developer said. “Richard Garriott agreed to have additional brainstorming sessions in the future, so you can be sure that Corven will have a storyline worthy of an Ultima. So all you classic CRPG fans out there, and especially all you dear Ultima fans, Corven is now the closest thing to a new single player Ultima game that you can get in the near future.”

Corven is still in development, with plans for both a demo and a Kickstarter campaign to roll out next spring. Lord British can currently be spotted in Shroud of the Avatar, although that incarnation may feel a little abandoned by Garriott at this point.

Source: Lycantic. Thanks Cotic!
The devs did clarify that this game has nothing to do with SOTA:

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