MMOs you’ve never heard of: Past Fate, Rulers of the Sea, Legend of Mir Eternal, Dragon Raja, Fantasy Earth Genesis


Welcome back to another roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent games you’ve (probably) never heard of – or have totally forgotten about until now!

First up: Past Fate, which we learned about thanks to the MMORPG subreddit. This open-world MMO launched a $15,000 Kickstarter Sunday:

“Past Fate is an open world MMORPG where the players freedom is the key element. You can explore the vast world and its continents and islands. Sail the treacherous seas, and recruit your own crew to assist you in naval combat. Hire and train mercenaries and soldiers to help your kingdom in the time of war. Find secrets, treasures and mysteries to aid you in your journey. Practice to become the crusader and smite down your enemies or find how to wield more darker powers to hunt your prey during the night. What is your fate?”

According to its Steam page, it’s due out summer of next year.

Now we come to Legend of Mir Eternal. According to MMO Culture, it’s a bit of a do-over for the Legend of Mir 2 game that never launched after becoming entangled in a legal mess. Unfortunately, it’s aiming at the Chinese market, so we may never see it – but it looks pretty!

Droid Gamers brought our attention to ZLOONG’s Dragon Raja game, not to be confused with Dragon Raja 2, which we covered earlier this year. This Dragon Raja is an UE4 title touting its high-end graphics, character customization, career system, and unique chat system. It’s up on Google Play for pre-registration right now.

Here’s another mobile MMO that’s new to us: It’s an Asobimo title called Fantasy Earth Genesis, and it’s already live on Google Play in North America. The reviews are a bit of a mess right now, as it looks like both the game’s core population and its marketing is in its native Japanese, but the studio is chiefly promoting its mega PvP battles.

Finally, Rulers of the Sea was tipped to us by reader Costanius: It’s a Dutch MMO by Deadeye Games set in the real world in 1750. “152 sea-faring nations elect their own leaders, form their own governments, run their own Navies and Armies and populate 760 port cities and capitals worldwide,” the devs write. “There are 40 distinct activities and careers in the world gamers can earn wages or profit from.” And we love this bit: You don’t level up; you have to “follow a course at a University or College and complete an exam.” Just when you thought you were free of school! It does seem pretty early in development, though – the video is primarily historic paintings – and the devs are fundraising.

Spy any other weird or obscure MMOs flying way under the radar? We wanna know about them!


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Robert Mann

Past fate, with their “People can attack your kingdom” thing may or may not be acceptable. There just aren’t enough details on what that entails, how impactful it is, and how much the hiring of forces to protect yourself are a factor. They will need to provide a lot more information on all that before it can be a consideration (although I have seen it before, I did dig a little more).

Rulers of the Sea sounds like it could be interesting, although I can foresee them having to break their whole “It won’t be common for us to intervene” thing. The history part of it, especially with learning about the history, is cool. The limitations of PvP to war status is a nice approach, and having the ability to curb behaviors that are too aggressive or hostile through several means is good… but I do think they underestimate how so many people do those things. So, I guess in before they see a fair number of nations with war against everyone out constantly attacking places (and probably using cheats, given the normal behaviors).

The rest is mobile stuff, so of course I haven’t heard of it, or if I did I promptly forgot it as ‘more mobile crud, ew’.

Bruno Brito

That Dragon Raja trailer is the epithome of mediocrity. Mediocre graphics, subpar music, clearly the experience you’ll forgot quickly.

Matthäus Wey

It might not be the most beautiful thing there is but it looks alright for a mobile game.

Robert Mann

It’s mobile friendly, so that’s about what you are going to get unless it’s being super-ultra-new-device limited. Even then, it likely excludes anything older than 3-4 years.

The music… well, it’s not the worst music ever, but it is indeed mediocre. The fact that it doesn’t match what is going on is certainly pretty bad, and the attempt at using something like that when half the video is about things like social gatherings is just odd.

So yes, seems rather like it’s telling everyone that it’s going to be pretty blah.