The MOP Up: Mortal Online’s meaning of Christmas


What is Christmas like in a brutal and bloody sandbox MMORPG? To answer that, you’ll need to head to Mortal Online for a first-hand experience of Krampus.

“It turns out something went horribly wrong when Krampos were to start planning his annual event, and now he needs your help,” the Mortal Online team posted. “Krampos little helpers has turned against him, sabotaging the event. They have stolen everything from his book of citizens to his urn, and on top of that, they are being really really rude to everyone!”

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

According to a recent press release, Black Desert Mobile has reached four million pre-registrations prior to the title’s “grand launch” on December 11th. It’s now available for pre-download on iOS and Android.

Listen to some excellent EVE Online music and chew on this quote from CCP’s CEO: “EVE is like a university. With the complexity of the real world and the safety of a social game. It gives freedom but demands responsibility. It requires dedication to succeed. The skills and competencies nurtured through EVE, are the same people need to succeed in real life.”

The Cycle’s Release 7 contained a whole lot of weapon balancing and ability adjustments.

“Buckle up for our first Winter in the West,” said the Outlaws of the Old West team. “To help ya’ll survive and stay warm out here, we’ve got plenty of fixes and balance adjustments coming your way – featuring changes to the the train system, just in time for your holiday travels!”

Path of Exiles’ core supporters packs are going away, so if you want to buy one, you best do it soon.

GTFO is a hardcore four-player cooperative first-person shooter, with a focus on team play and atmosphere. It features edge-of-your-seat suspense, team-based puzzle-solving and high-intensity combat.” Well, OK then!

Starbase is letting players vote on the name for one of its gas giants!

Mobile turn-based RPG Overhit pumped out a new update that added two new heroes (Hercules and Awakened Ash), a Saison event dungeon, a Cliel raid boss, and lots of seasonal events. [Source: press release]

Gamigo’s strategy title Desert Operations overhauled its looks: “Every building model and landscape detail was updated. Players can command the 30 types of buildings and over 50 ground, air and sea units in high definition.”

Torchlight II gave console players a lot of love with a quality-of-life update — including the reintroduction of Transmutation.

A small Neverwinter patch made adjustments to early content and dungeons.

What is Star Wars Galaxies Legends, and how can you get involved in this rogue server? Check out this informative video:

Here’s a new MOBA trying to make headway using figures from world history as combatants. Give Blood of Steel a warm welcome:

Check out what Lineage 2M looks like using NCsoft’s “Purple” software:

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