Blade & Soul previews events that arrive with this week’s Will of Iron update


As is often the case with Blade & Soul patches, there will be events for players to take part in when they’re not busy wielding two immense axes at once. For those who aren’t playing the shiny new Destroyer (or those that are, events don’t lock classes out), there’s a couple of events heading your way.

For the month of December, there’s a seasonal event in the form of the Reindeer Holiday Challenge, which simply asks players to complete four daily challenges. Doing so rewards players with three Elder Scale Fragments, two Superior Reputation Charms, and a Secret Santa Gift Box full of goodies and guaranteed Reindeer Ornaments. There will also be weekly quests where players can earn more Reindeer Ornaments and login rewards that hand out the seasonal currency as well. These Ornaments can be turned in at the Dragon Express for a variety of cosmetics, materials, and gems.

Will of Iron will also introduce an auto-fishing celebration to mark the addition of fishing overhaul changes where players can get Charms for turning in Angler’s Pearls, and a free item in the Hongmoon Store that brings a selection of items for Destroyers to mark the addition of the class’ third spec.

The update is still expected to roll out on December 11th.


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“…and a Secret Santa Gift Box full of goodies.”

…I hope to get one that says, “Here’s your Lyn Assassin you’ve been waiting for!” >.<