Warframe shows off Empyrean gameplay as iDreamsky contemplates buying Leyou

Warframe shows off Empyrean gameplay as iDreamsky contemplates buying Leyou
Warframe is one of those game that just doesn’t like to have things spread out when it comes to announcements. Much like RuneScape, it likes to unload a huge block of news and announcements and then piss off to the pub for some beer and chicken wings or something. All without inviting us! I kid, I kid. Anyway, allow me to clean up and organize the confusion just for you:

  • Devstream 134 had a whole lot of Empyrean things to showcase, such as details on researching items for your clan’s Railjack, the various systems in said spaceship, and the Intrinsics progression system that lets players improve in various Railjack skills like Piloting, Engineering, and Gunnery. It also promises a Command skill that will launch later, allowing players to have an NPC crew. Also, for those who aren’t in a clan or otherwise don’t want to be bothered with the belt sander of grinding required to build a Railjack or its drydock, there will be a matchmaking system. All of this is previewed in the devstream and elaborated on in the summary post, and you can also get a look at the completely absurd requirements to get a Railjack of your own with MJ’s handy-dandy guide. Good luck, solo players.
  • Tennobaum 2019, aka Warframe’s holiday, is going to offer some lovely philanthropic cheer. Any time a player gifts a Tenno something in the In-Game Market between now and December 31st, a $0.25 donation will be made up to a grand total of $50,000 to benefit the London Food Bank to help feed those in need. The total donation will be handed to the charity at the end of December, however large it may be.
  • Are you going to be watching The Game Awards on Thursday, December 12th? If you’re a Warframe fan, you might want to be, as the devs are teasing a special announcement. Those who are watching can also get themselves a free Glaxion Vandal weapon via Twitch Drops. Come for the announcement, stay for the freezy laser.
  • Finally, The Old Blood update has arrived to the Nintendo Switch version. Just in case you weren’t already aware. Enjoy the gluttonous new Grendel Frame.

Last but not least, Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad noted a pair of articles indicating that Chinese corporation iDreamsky is aiming to buy up almost 70% of the stake in Leyou Technologies. Leyou owns both Warframe company Digital Extremes and is likewise involved in the creation of the new Amazon-partnership Lord of the Rings MMO, so if this deal goes through, it oculd be one to watch.

source: official site (1, 2, 3, 4), cheers Sophiskiai and Kinya!

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The devstream’s footage showed a lot of “emergent” gameplay where involving 1~2 members of the 4-person team busy doing boring stuff like extinguishing fires that broke out inside the ship. Then there’s the issue with player having to running around inside the ship from one gun to another… which leads me to feel this whole design did not think thru what players would consider fun after doing the tasks 100+ times.

Fixing the ship and other manual labor work should be left to NPC crew. Changing gunner position should simply be done by pressing F1 or F2, like in Battlefield series vehicle coop. The only time players need to manually control their warframe inside the ship should be when they have a boarding party and they need to actually use the power of their frames for compelling gameplay.

flamethekid .

DE already said there would be an optional NPC crew for solo players


Following this devstream I’m equal parts excited and worried about the initial Empyrean release. It’s going to be great for Clans and friends who can put together full crews, but there could be a lot of potential for Sea of Thieves style trolling and griefing in PUG crews (especially as you need to consume resources to build things like missiles and hull repair kits) such that I’ve seen many people say they’re going to wait and not bother with the expansion till the Command skill is live.

Taelon “Great Bird” Boot

Please no. Please don’t let them shit all over such a good game or a respectable company like DE.


China taking something else from Hong Kong, eh :D

Seriously though, I’d rather that China didn’t become the overlords of Digital Extremes. I guess it’s already in the works and happening though.