You can start downloading Black Desert Mobile right now ahead of this week’s launch


Don’t get too excited yet as it’s not officially playable in the US just yet, but Black Desert Mobile is now available for preloading on iOS and Android, where it’s racked up a ton of solid ratings already thanks to the fact that it’s been available in some select countries for a month and change. The full global launch itself begins on December 11th.

Several of our writers have checked out the game over the last year and a half and came away extremely impressed, which is pretty hard to do with a mobile title. (And everyone wants it on the Switch so badly!) “This game is worth the wait, especially for Black Desert fans,” MOP’s BDO columnist Carlo wrote in October. “This is a mobile game, but it plays like it belongs on a console. This is groundbreaking mobile game design.”

Check out our coverage of the game to date plus the trailer while you wait!


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Rodrigo Dias Costa

Doesn’t work on my phone, so I’ll not try it. Maybe if they really move into the Switch…

Daniel Solorzano

I’ll be honest. First mobile game I am going to play. Really excited for it actually

Michael Fuchs

Their character creator is really impressive for a mobile game. Interested to see how this version plays out, as PC got too complicated for me after release when I took a long break and had no idea what was up when I came back with all the new systems

Hikari Kenzaki

Installing now. Looking forward to seeing the NA version.

Kickstarter Donor

Saw this when checking out of curiosity. At the very least I can get it downloaded at the very least, that’s good enough for me.


Showed up on my phone unexpectedly yesterday morning, since I had pre-registered. I got really excited and figured I missed the announcement that it had launched.

Game isn’t there, but they did include a Flappy Birds clone using the Black Spirit on that shows when you try to launch, good for a chuckle

Alexander Android

Ironically, you already experienced 90% of the gameplay.

The rest of the game mostly autoplays itself.


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