Conan Exiles’ latest patch causes repeated crashing issues for Xbox One players


Sure, the world of Conan Exiles is meant to be harsh, but it’s also meant to work, so seeing repeated forum posts of the Xbox One version crashing so often is perhaps a bit too harsh.

The Xbox Updates and Bugs forum has been lit up with problems from players ever since the update with horsies arrived. Reports are pretty varied, but as you can tell by the links above, one of the most common is repeated crashing which is barely allowing anyone to actually play the game, let alone try to get a horsey.

Luckily, the devs are on the case: “We’re aware that there have been some increased crashes after the update yesterday. The team is on the case and a fix is in the works. We’ll have this taken care of as soon as we can,” reads a recent update post. As of this writing, there is no timeframe for when this fix will arrive, so Xbox One players may need to wait a bit longer before going for their own horse friend. Until then, you can check out MJ’s latest stream to get an idea of just what mounts look like in the game.

source: official forums, thanks to Galaji for the tip!
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Michelle Brown

This is not just an xbox problem. PC’s are also having this issue


Not sure who Galaji is but I sent in a tip on this. Anyways yes constant crashes galore. Some of us crash when doing common things such as opening inventory and some just crash over time. There are other bugs and issues throughout this DLC. Such as shrines disappearing and other issues on all platforms. The movement changes are widely hated.

Hikari Kenzaki

This one struck me as odd. Xbox has the most rigorous QA of the three platforms. It’s amazing that they managed to get the update to all 3 platforms at the same time at all, but perhaps that is the issue.