Dual Universe shows off some visual updates arriving in alpha 3


There’s plenty to look forward to in the alpha 3 build of Dual Universe, but perhaps one of the more immediately striking is some visual updates that are arriving with the new build, and Novaquark has kicked out a video that lets us see what’s new in the graphics department.

One of the first things players will notice is a new background for space, removing the simple starry sky with one that has some nebula and other lighting effects as well as some brighter lighting overall to improve visibility and let players see constructs as they fly around in the void. The new alpha will also feature some new updates to several UI elements such as the Organizations panel, the Industry panel, and the RDMS section that assigns access to Organization assets for members. There’s also a look at some “ubertextures” that provide variety to the look of plastics, metal, cloth, and leather.

Alpha 3 is slated to kick off in January according to the latest roadmap. You can take a look at what’s coming up next in the video below, and make sure to watch to the end for a little teaser of a weapons-loaded spacecraft.

source: YouTube
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