Final Fantasy XI unveils its revamped Domain Invasions

Someone will get that reference.

The Domain Invasion system has gotten a major overhaul forĀ Final Fantasy XI, and it should allow more players to take part in the system. For one thing, invasions now feature no tagging of enemies and allow for alter egos, thus ensuring that even solo players can hop in and take part in the content when it becomes available. For another, spoils are no longer awarded to players upon defeating enemies; now taking part awards Domain Points, with the amount awarded changing based on how many people are in your group and your behavior in the battle. A maximum of 80 points can be earned in one day.

Players will also experience new Domain Effects based on how many times a given region’s monster has been killed, with a teleportation effect bringing players straight to the battlefield as requested. There’s also a new AoE heal ability added to the Paladin ability list and an increase in overall Scythe damage, balance changes that should affect the overall experience of playing now that the version update has gone live.