World of Warcraft’s gobbos and doggies are getting heritage armor

World of Warcraft’s gobbos and doggies are getting heritage armor

Are you excited about next year’s Visions of N’Zoth content release for World of Warcraft? You might be more so if you play a Goblin or Worgen, as both of these Cataclysm races are due to receive spiffy heritage armor when Patch 8.3 arrives.

Blizzard gave a preview of these transmog sets this week, which can be attained by maxing out your respective faction’s reputation, hitting level 120, and going on a specific quest. The Goblins will get an outfit that’s all about rockets, spikes, dynamite, and bomber goggles, while the Worgen will sport a gold-and-navy top hat and vaguely navel ensemble.

What do you think of the new looks? Let us know in the comments!

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IronSalamander8 .

The goblin set is ok although for one of the 2 tinker races, I like the gnome set a little more. The worgen set is ludicrous. I admit they’re my least favorite race in the game, but that looks behind silly.


The single rocket on a stick poking out of the shoulder pad for the goblin armor bugs me. The big armored shoulder pads on the worgen don’t match the rest of the outfit style. Let me know when they finally allow us to transmorg a top hat. I am still unhappy that the worgen top hat was a white item.

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How’d you resist typing “Gobbos and Doggos”?


Thank goodness it wasn’t Gobbies and doggies. o.O

Danny Smith

Its common to say “well the games bad, but the art teams still killing it” with modern Actiblizzion but good lord that Worgen set is terrible.

Matthew Yetter

I think you meant “naval ensemble” as those don’t look anything like a belly button. ;)


The goblin set looks good for me, for the worgen; i don’t like the gold trim, it needs to be less shiny.