Black Desert PC adds Valkyrie, Tamer Succession skills plus huge December login perks as the Valkyrie class lands on Xbox One


There’s a whole lot of Valkyrie goin’ on in the most recent updates to Black Desert. On the PC version, the Valkyrie and Tamer are getting their Succession skills, while the Valkryie is arriving to the Xbox version in addition to Alchemy Stones.

The latest PC patch has continued the ongoing rollout of Succession skill builds for the game’s classes, letting the Tamer and Valkyrie continue to use their starting weapons. The update has also introduced a number of changes to guild boss summoning in the name of accessibility, and added some holiday-themed events including one that rewards prizes for completing special quests. Players are also invited to arrive on December 25th for a “surprise event.”

Incidentally, MOP’s BDO columnist Carlo came into chat bubbling over today over the revamp of the monthly loyalty rewards, which this month include 20 days of premium sub time, a server bell (worth about $18), and a free outfit. Worth it!

The Xbox update, meanwhile, has simply introduced the Valkyrie class itself as well as Alchemy Stone items that provide character buffs at regular intervals. The update has also made tweaks to Shining Medal of Honor reward tables, the Red Battlefield, milking, and imperial trading.


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Time to patch and log on.

Toy Clown

They’re really giving players some good Christmas gifts this year. I’m updating my game so I don’t lose out on 200$ worth of free stuff, even if I don’t play the game anymore. >>