Anthem rings in the holiday season with the arrival of Icetide


The place that Anthem takes place in looks damn near tropical, or at least tepid, so the idea of celebrating a snowy season would be strange. That said, there’s also Shaper tech, which has done some demonstrably weird things. That’s pretty much the easy explanation for the arrival of Icetide, the multiplayer shooter’s version of the holidays.

Update 1.6.0 has introduced some snowy goodness to Fort Tarsis along with a number of things to do like season-themed Strongholds that unlock each week, Javelin flying time trial race courses in Freeplay, some new challenges to chase for cosmetic rewards, and a new Legendary world event where players must harvest coolant while fighting off outlaws.

The update has also made a number of changes to the game overall, such as better Legendary loot drops in Grandmaster 3, a Guardians’ Token currency that can be earned from daily and weekly challenges which can be spent for random Legendary items, and a list of bug fixes and improvements. All of the specifics are available in the patch notes.

source: official site. Thanks, Pasha!
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