Armor-reducing weapon reloads and brittle weapon bugs arrive with Fallout 76’s latest patch


Some sunny day, we’ll all be able to look at Fallout 76 updates with excitement instead of concern that they’ll introduce new and horrifying bugs, but that day is not today. Along with the other things that Tuesday’s update was meant to bring, the update brought some bugs that manage to reduce armor effectiveness when players reload weapons and overall made weapons Breath of the Wild levels of brittle.

One Redditor has compiled a few of these bug report posts, but a quick look at the Fallout 76 subreddit certainly offers up others, including one post that provides video evidence where players show the stats of their armor before and after they reload their weapons. Others are reporting weapon durability problems, with one player saying the harpoon gun — a 200% durability weapon with 5 star gunsmith — can only get off 15 shots in total.

The timing for this couldn’t possibly be worse, as Fallout 76 is launching a free trial event this weekend. That said, there are a couple of official Bethesda posts that at least state the devs are aware of the problems.

Yikes, guys.

source: Reddit via Kotaku
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