LOTRO starts Yule Festival, adds more quests to Minas Morgul


Our winner of 2019’s Most Underrated MMO is giving its playerbase a winter treat today. Lord of the Rings Online is dropping Update 25.1 on Thursday, complete with new content and its Christmas-time event.

The patch added four more quests for the recent Minas Morgul expansion: “Claim The Dead City in the Reclamation of Minas Ithil. Four Courts in Minas Morgul have fallen under the control of fearsome foes. Reclaim them all for the White Company and gain a Foothold in Minas Morgul.” Players will also enjoy a new housing neighborhood stablemaster that will take adventurers all across Middle-earth.

Patch day also marks the start of the Yuletide Festival, so get your Hobbit keisters over to Winter-home for daily quests and fun rewards (including some new goodies for 2019). The event will run through January 6th.

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