RIFT kicks off Fae Yule and makes tweaks to Mages and Clerics in the latest patch


The rumors of RIFT’s death continue to be exaggerated, though the latest patch to the MMORPG isn’t exactly full of marquee features, either. Still, there’s holiday fun to be had in-game, so that’s something, right?

Yes, Fae Yule is back once again in the world of Telara, granting players the opportunity to earn Dark Icicles and Unique Snowflakes as they complete tasks for the fae. These currencies can be used in the RIFT store to purchase a variety of seasonal items. The update has also made a number of changes to the Pyromancer, Harbinger, and Warlock Mage as well as the Inquisitor Cleric, all of which are detailed in the patch notes.

That’s kind of about it for now, but again, this has to be better than nothing. Enjoy Fae Yule, Ascended!


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Seems to be less that folks are worried that it’s dying and more that they’re fearful it’ll basically be running on life support with only a few bones thrown out here/there.

Like unless there was something I missed, I’m pretty sure Trove has gotten more content updates to it than Rift has.

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I miss RIFT had some good times and loved the art style. Unfortunately after people I played with (plus guild drama) left I stopped playing.