Sea of Thieves adds holiday quests, new Skeleton Lords, and a new tutorial with the Festival of Giving


Just because the Sea of Thieves is full of cold-hearted buccaneers doesn’t mean they can’t experience a bit of generosity around this time of year, and the Festival of Giving seasonal event proves just that point. It also grants those same buccaneers rewards for their generosity, so maybe it’s not quite so selfless. Eh, pirates. Whaddaya gonna do.

The Festival of Giving mostly focuses on taking up Humble and Generous Gift Voyages from Stitcher Jim, which work like every other treasure chest seeking quest you’ve ever taken up, except you bring the loot to The Reaper’s Hideout. Taking these Voyages grants players Doubloon rewards. The update also brings five new types of Tomes of Power, each of which can be sold to Stitcher Jim for Commendations that can be spent on new Ashen cosmetics. There’s also three new Skeleton Lords who have taken up permanent residence in Skeleton Forts and a brand-new tutorial for the freshly minted pirate.

On top of all that, there’s new seasonal treats in the Pirate Emporium and the Black Market, the Black Market Archive, and the more fluid sword combat adjustments that were discussed by executive producer Joe Neate earlier. Speaking of Joe Neate, here he is with another update video about the Festival of Giving, along with a video outlining the update’s features.

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