Albion Online shuffles around the Outlands — and your stuff could be affected

Bring out your something.

One of the boons and hazards of playing a live game is that change is an ever-present factor. Albion Online players are about to discover that first-hand next month when the Queen update will rearrange the Outlands, presumably to make everything a whole lot better.

This won’t come without some chaos and potential item loss, however: “With this update, the Outlands will be completely reworked, and with very few exceptions, all territories and siege camps in the Royal Continent will be removed.”

The dev team is giving players plenty of time to prepare for the shift and protect themselves against losing their stuff. The Queen update arrives on January 20th, after which the community will have a month to move islands to new positions.


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It could be nice if people developed a bunch of actually interesting single-player games before attempting MMO development – instead of experimenting on live worlds/economies.

On the other hand, there is an obvious demand for sandboxy economy games. Too bad big companies aren’t interesting in anything even remotely complicated so we’ve got some low-budget amateurs on the field.