Bless Unleashed discusses adjustments to open world PvP after open beta feedback


Yep, Bless Unleashed has open world PvP in its Xbox One open beta. Yep, it went about the way you’d expect judging by the pain points addressed in a recent development post. Yep, things are going to be changed to reel it in. We all know the dance steps to this old tune.

In response to high-level players thrashing lower leveled ones (which isn’t PvP, by the way; it’s punching kittens, you kitten punchers), safe zones will be expanding all the way outward in to the Gnoll Wastes. All major cities will also be safe areas and so will Soul Pyres. Finally, those who die in PvP combat won’t suffer from resurrection sickness.

In addition to expanded safe zones, there will also be increased repercussions for those who continue to PK and increase their bad karma, like a visual cue that identifies a player as a particularly dangerous outlaw, restricted access to cities and towns, and even limitations on using Soul Pyres outside of outlaw zones. Of course, there will be ways for these restrictions to be eased, but they will either involve being taken out by players with good karma or via a path to redemption that is “very challenging and costly.”

That’s not to say that all open PvP activity should be quashed; there are still rewards to earn for going down the outlaw path, and there will be a Union system at launch that allows players to band together and unlock rewards for their Union. The intention is for the system to balance itself out, with players forming their own Unions to either roam the world as outlaws or hunt outlaws and police the realm. Which I’m sure will totally work out fine.


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Hardcore free for all pvp nowadays doesn’t have anything to do with old times guild wars and politics, as some of the players and developers believe. It’s always just a fucking gankfest. And that’s the reason why New World doesn’t have open world pvp anymore – people couldn’t leave the town without being killed. Meanwhile its small subreddit is raging, “they ruined our game!”, no, they did not, they are saving it from failing on day one.


I can never get into this game. I have a max level character on Pac and Xbox but I didnt really enoy my time. At first it was the floaty animations that are in all Bethesda games then I went back and its fixed up quite a bit but the game lacks class identity for me. I feel like every magicka character uses a staff and 80% of the optimal skill loadout is the same weapon skill load out for every class. Stamina is even worse every class dual wields and takes the same abilities and ultimates outside of 1 or two skills. It feels very boring to me.


Why developers continue to start from “it’ll be fine, people will be good sports, we don’t need systems to manage it.” in open world PvP MMOs that have levels and gear-progression, and then only once the inevitable happens go “Oh, OK. We’ve heard your feedback and will make adjustments” is utterly beyond me.

If you want a full-on PK free-for-all, then make one. If you don’t, assume some (fair-sized) portion of your PvP player base will be kitten-punchers and design accordingly from the get-go.

This isn’t a new problem, for a studio that isn’t doing their first online game (or even their first version of *this* online game.) Sheesh.