OrbusVR brings around the Festival of Strangers for its winter holiday

He's a stranger. You don't know him.

So let’s say a bunch of weird white-furred ape-men invade and smash up your village, leading you to form a party to beat them back. What would you call those ape-men? Strangers, apparently, because that’s actually the origin for OrbusVR’s Festival of Strangers. We can certainly agree that they are strange if you’re accustomed to non-snow-monster people showing up in your village, but it feels like there might be other terms that would be more fitting… the name just isn’t coming to us yeti.

Ah, well. Why not beat them back and take part in the festivities anyway? You can earn a festive snow-covered cosmetic outfit along the way, and you can get a snowman pet as well. There are also special festive decorations for your in-game house to celebrate the overall snowy feel of the moment, so that’s also good for players who just can’t get enough of Stranger Time. That… phrase probably sounds less ominous in this world.

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