RIFT players tussle over the return of Planeswalker summons as Trove console goes Into the Deep


Ah dangit. Yesterday’s post on RIFT’s Fae Yule was supposed to be fun and games, literally. It’s Christmas, people. But apparently there’s a bit of unrest about the patch among the community, specifically when it comes to the Planeswalker goodies.

A thread on the official forums argues that players have been begging first Trion and then Gamigo to bring back the Planeswalker perk that was originally in one of the collector editions for the Nightmare Tide expansion years ago in 2014. Gamigo has actually finally done it with this update, but some players are grumpy because it’s locked behind a paywall as a set of wimpy 15 group summon charges for essentially $20. Essentially, it isn’t what the players were asking for, and while everyone does seem to understand that Gamigo can’t just hand it out for free without risking the fury of people who did pay for the CE back in the day, this wasn’t the ideal solution either.

A second – and a bit more polite – thread outlines additional problems in the update, including complaints about lockbox transparency, confusion over the Faelight levitation mount and why it’s in a lockbox instead of a quest, and an apparent reduction in currency rewards from the Fae Yule activities.

“Everyone understand that the game needs to make money, but it’s clear that it’s been very aggressive lately and that was something you guys stated as a company, that you would be trying to steering away from,” player Hollyroller urges Gamigo.

Over in a game that seems to be performing a bit better for Gamigo, Trove players are getting some love this month, as the last update, Into the Deep, has finally gotten a console date: It’ll drop on PS4 and Xbox One on December 16th.

Source: RIFT forums, and again, Trove. Cheers, Anon! This article originally referred to armor, but it’s specifically the summons that people are upset about, so it’s been amended accordingly.

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