Star Trek Online brings back Hearts and Minds for Friday the 13th (again) and a new Tzenkethi Red Alert

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Boy, the Star Trek Online devs sure likes taking this one out of the mothballs, don’t they? They did it for Halloween, they did it for Friday the 13th in September, and now they’re doing it again for Friday the 13th in December. Hearts and Minds is back for one day only, just in case you missed out the other couple of times.

Just in case you haven’t read up, this particular mission carries a more creepy slant (hence its application on the spoopy days of the year), with a story involving unconventional research gone awry. There’s a reward for going through the mini-mission, which can be claimed by all players whether they’ve done this whole thing already or not.

In much more recent Star Trek Online events news, the Tzenkethi are still looking to Protomatter-bomb planets, and it’ll be up to players to stop them in a new limited-time Red Alert. This mission is for a team of five level 50-60 Captains and (like all Task Force Operations) will reward 35 Marks.

Hearts and Minds will be live until December 14th, while the Tzenkethi TFO will be up until December 16th.

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