World of Warcraft lets you turn traitor in patch 8.3 with a little help from N’zoth

Don't get too excited about the prospects

No galaxy brain here.

Yes, you will be able to turn traitor against your own faction in the next World of Warcraft patch. No, it’s probably not what you would hope for or what fans are clamoring for when it comes to faction changes; it’s all down to N’zoth. Players who kill 10 players of the opposite faction without being killed whilst in War Mode will be offered a new quest, giving the opportunity to kill another 10 players of your own faction. Players who accept will be given a sudden Old God-esque appearance and can now go to town on their own allies to earn credit.

Completing the quest earns players a toy that allows you to voluntarily turn on this PvP mode whenever you wish, as well as a new title. You remain hostile to the other faction despite this, but your own faction’s NPCs will turn neutral, rather than hostile. Also, you’ll wind up speaking a completely new language, thus obviating communication with other players. So if you’ve long wished for the option to turn traitor against your own faction, well… you sort of get something a little bit like that, only not really.

Source: Wowhead
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