GTA Online’s Diamond Casino Heist and Red Dead Online’s Moonshiner content updates go live


It’s time to get criminal with Rockstar Games’ current selection of online multiplayer open worlds, as both Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online both have had some significant content drops recently. Specifically, GTAO has opened up the Diamond Casino Heist and RDO is letting players take up the Moonshiner Frontier Pursuit.

Both of these content updates have been covered by us earlier this month, but the announcement posts provide much more information about what each update brings in terms of content as well as how each new major activity works. Both also have additional features, like new cars and a new radio station in GTAO and the second Outlaw Pass and improvements to some features in RDO.

On the subject of RDO, Rockstar Games is asking players to offer their feedback on the mode, especially now that it’s opened up to PC players, so if you have strong thoughts about your life in Yeehaw Skyrim, there’s a couple of official channels for you to take advantage of.

source: Rockstar Games Newswire (1, 2), Rockstar Games website

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I picked this up when it was on sale this week. I didn’t even get to play it; the constant crashes prevented me from getting past the opening cinematic in single-player, and I have no idea what happens after character creation in mutiplayer. None of the fan-fixes worked to stop my crashes and the specific issue I was experiencing is apparently widely reported.

Even worse, I stuck around just long enough to see the update drop and the crash I had came back for players who hadn’t experienced it since launch.

I got my money back, thankfully.


New update is buggy even by Rockstar’s standards. They’ve managed to reanimate crashes fixed few weeks ago. It’s hilarious how the company use player base as a QA team to find defects and bugs in RDO. Nonetheless update is fun (new cosmetics, speakeasy drunk parties and brawls) – as long as you don’t play any role but collector till they fix the crashes.

Also it’s remarkable how Metacritic score is 93% while Steam show 58%. Apparently nobody should listen to players’ opinions when it comes to fun factor of a game.


Maybe it’s your connection. I have been playing with no issue even with the winter weather hitting me. I used to live in the big city but now live in a small town by the reservation here. So if I have no issues it has to be on your end. Maybe look for a better ISP.

ichi sakari