The Daily Grind: What bit of MMO lore bothers you more than it probably should?

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Pandaren in World of Warcraft have always bothered me. Not because the expansion that introduced them was bad (it was certainly better than the expansions on either side) or anything, but because it always bothered me on some level as Pandaren were integrated into the game’s lore. The whole point of announcing Pandaren was a meta-joke about the most ridiculous possible faction that could be added to Warcraft III, and part of me is always going to be a bit irked that what amounted to a gag on Samwise Didier’s particular obsessions is now a part of the game to be taken seriously forever.

This is kind of ridiculous, of course. Lore is made up, and just because this started as a joke doesn’t affect its ultimate use. So long as the lore is consistent and makes sense, it shouldn’t matter whatsoever. But it does still bother me on some level, even though I recognize that it’s silly and is hardly a hill I would die on. What about you? What bit of MMO lore bothers you more than it probably should, for whatever reason?

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While fine detail lore in Wildstar was lacking from the onset, and only fleshed out a year or two after the fact via numerous AMA’s on reddit, one original lore point stuck with me as so utterly annoying and reflective of the lack of foresight on the devs part.

Why aren’t there any racial languages? “Oh that’s because the races were travelling together for so long they forgot their native tongues.”


The mordesh, who are doing everything they can to preserve some semblance of their homeworld society… forgot their native tongue. The Aurin… who were literally pulled off their world, thrown into cryo and thawed out on Nexus ( would have literally been an overnight transition to them) …. forgot their native tongue..

Right. Just tell us “We didn’t make any racial languages.”

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Peregrine Falcon

The lack of exploration in Star Trek Online.

Exploration is a huge part of the lore of Star Trek. 4 out of the 5 Star Trek series’ were set on ships engaged in exploration. And yet Star Trek Online has no exploration. It really is a fun game, so I shouldn’t let that one thing bother me, but it does.

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Jack Pipsam

I liked the Pandaren a lot.

It helped that I really liked the Li Li graphic novel and later novella which built-up to the mists being lifted and Pandara being revealed once again. It’s a shame Blizzard now doesn’t really seem interested in them at all.

The lore that bothers me was the re-focus back on all the demon/orc stuff in WoW. It was just retreading old ground, once time-travel comes into the mix I’m just out.


When MoP was announced, I literally thought it was Blizzard joke. When it became clear it wasn’t, I was almost in denial they had ‘Kung Fu Pandified’ World of WARcraft. Even now in 2019, I can’t believe they did it.

Having said that, I did eventually get used to having the pandas around. The expansion itself wasn’t that bad.

Robert Mann

Considering that I find most MMO lore so substandard that I’d suggest blindfolds and spinning wheels of fanfic to improve it… I just don’t care about the lore in most MMOs at this point.

Writing is always given the short shrift by development studios and publishers. As such it is rarely worth the money spent on it. The effect is roughly on par with typing random song lyrics, putting in objectives that make sense, then adding whatever guide option is used to direct the player to the location.

Daniel Reasor

That the Pandaren are Fantasy Asia As Written By California Whiteboys bothers me immensely.

On the Altlantic side of the disturbing appropriation spectrum, I submit for your consideration the Caribbean accents of Warcraft’s troll races. Somebody really thought this was a good way to emphasize the trolls’ savagery, and the franchise is stuck with it now because nobody’s going to admit the mistake.

This especially breaks my heart, because the Darkspear tribe bring a unique and compelling post-apocalyptic fantasy by being the surviving descendants of the long-collapsed Gurubashi empire and I really dig that, but nope. I “stay away from da voodoo,” thank you very much.


Okay so the entire basis of why I stopped giving a crap about GW2 more than anything was the episode of Living World Season 3 and they forced us to join Anises stupid fucking Shining Blade order. I really hated be forced to do something like that and basically afterwords I lost all connection from the story going forward. The whole thing was outrageously fucking stupid where we couldn’t go save the world without this information that we could only get if we join their order. Well fine Anise. Have your fucking information. I’m going to Southsun and sipping Coconut drinks while Balthazar burns the world down. Don’t bother calling. Hope your shitty secret society can make it through the world disaster. I’m out.

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Vaylin, Senya and Valkoriens daughter from the Eternal Empire storyline in SWTOR.
The entire story is set up showing her surviving brother Arcaan to be a patricidal nutjob and she very much someone who was pulled from her one loving parent to the control and abuse of her one twisted parent until she is a force for the dark side with a deep-rooted resentment toward her mother for abandoning her to all that followed (even though it wasn’t quite that simple in reality).

The entire storyline hints at and suggests possible redemption and makes you care about the character even though she is doing heinous things because you are led to believe it is all working toward some future redemption or resolution that will reunite her with her mother after all, and then in what can only be described as a total brain fart and VERY poor writing then has us the player be forced to kill her with NO possibility for redemption or resolution at all. Oh and then throws in her psycho brother as a redeemed companion.

Hated it, it was some of the worst story-based lore I’ve ever had the misfortune to play through. They made me care and then spoiled it with poor writing and a lazy nonsensical resolution. Bleaurgh..

Bryan Correll

Garrosh Hellscream. When we first meet him in TBC he’s a whiny little wuss who won’t get up from his seat at a bonfire because he’s sooooo sad about Greatmother dying. Then we meet him in Northrend and he’s suddenly ‘more Horde than thou’ about everything even though Saurfang is basically there to babysit him. And then, well…

That chucklehead being put in charge of my beloved Horde was one of the big reasons I didn’t return to the game for Cataclysm. Or since. And then he even gets to be the Big Bad for a while. Sorry Garrosh, to me you’ll always be the emo pansy from Nagrand.


I mean… It wasn’t just that the Greatmother was dying. A big part of that was literally Grom Hellscream was (if I remember right and Blizz hasn’t rewritten it fifteen times) one of the ones who led the orcs to first drink the blood of Mannaroth the first time in Draenor. Part of the Horde storyline is then helping him shake off that fear of failing his kin so horribly by eventually having Thrall come in and play councilor by talking to him.

It’s after that fact that Blizzard really dropped the ball. They overcorected the ship for Garrosh and swung from one extreme towards the end of the other, and basically couldn’t get him settled right either way. It felt like the writers at the time wanted an arc for him where maybe he tries too hard to emulate his father once he was given the pep-talk, with Saurfang there as a counterbalance to try and guide him in. But rather than that… they just… tossed the script after deciding he’d be Warchief.

There was room there for an impressionable youth to learn the dangers and follies of living your life as your newfound hero. And by the time that the writers figured out they shouldn’t have really done that the way they did, they realized they needed a cheap and easy villain… So decided to have him stay the course and be the scapegoat from Mists of Pandaria to Warlords of Draenor to pad things out.

… Kind of how they are doing Sylvanas right now.


Don’t really know how to put it into words, but the change in personality that has been applied to Warhammer’s orcs over the years.

When I first got into Warhammer and 40k, orcs were badass. They were dumber that most other races but still possessing cunning, but they were barbaric, brutal and something to be feared. Their relative lack of technology compared to other races was overcome with superior numbers and brutality.

I’m not sure when the change started, but certainly by the time I played WAR, the greenskin race had been turned into a joke. They’d been given really cheesy voices, turned into the butt of a lot of jokes and this really bothered me. That trend seems to have continued with subsequent warhammer games, and it always bothers me. Every single other race is quite dark, serious and deadly, why are orcs left as being bumbling idiots?

48 Pistols

Orks have always been both bumbling idiots and badass at the same time. Here’s a quote from the 3rd edition Tau Codex from early 2000, almost twenty years ago.

”They got ded big shooty guns dat’ll kill tons of boyz, but if you can get near em den you’ve got a chance. Just gotta make sure you bring loads of boyz, coz you ain’t gonna have a whole lot left when you get close enough ta crump em.”

Very bumbling, very badass, and very entertaining.