Crowfall discusses discipline adjustments, balance, and power polishing in the December Q&A


December is halfway done, but there’s still time for Crowfall to provide its usual monthly update with the latest ACE Q&A video, which touches on a variety of updates coming to the throne war MMO.

This month’s video is another lengthy affair, clocking in at just over 44 minutes, but it also discusses a number of planned updates to Crowfall. Among these planned changes are a balance pass for all races in update 5.110, fine-tuning and polish for powers, and confirmation that the Dregs will be arriving to the test server as a full package instead of incrementally. A lot of the Q&A touches on several discipline-related tweaks as well. Prepare for the removal of passive slots (passives will simply just be automatically added instead), the end of immunity disciplines, and a new five point cost to unlock major discipline slots until discipline talent trees are deployed.

If you’ve got a fair bit of time to yourself, then get comfy and get the details in the embed below.

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