DC Universe Online’s Seasons Greedings seasonal event brings new feats and festive items


Discounting the rather greedy title of DC Universe Online’s seasonal event (it makes more sense when you realize it involves Larfleeze, the wielder of the Orange Light of Avarice), there’s some holiday cheer to be had in 2019’s Seasons Greedings event, which went live last week and runs until Sunday, January 5th. There’s also goodies to hoard, just to keep up the theme.

The seasonal event involves finding and recovering stolen gifts in Metropolis or Gotham City via the “Yuletide Fear” and “Winter Plunderland” missions for villains and heroes respectively, which in turn unlocks daily missions involving Larfleeze and a battle between the Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro Corps. Players can look forward to earning three new feats, a variety of style items and accessories, and various winter-related outfits and festive base items at Skeets’ Workshop.

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