EVE Online details Triglavian recruitment tactics, High-Sec fights, and holiday events


For those of us who view events in EVE Online as more interesting to watch than actually participate in, then the events outlined in The Scope, an in-game news broadcast, will be particularly intriguing as it outlines attempts by the invading Triglavians to recruit players and a massive battle in high security space where it would appear that some gankers got their just desserts.

According to the first Scope news story, the Triglavians have taken over billboards at space stations in New Eden, inviting capsuleers to join with them. Several players have reportedly already taken up this offer of “glorification” and joined in on attacks on CONCORD observatories, though a representative from CONCORD expressed her hope that capsuleers would combat the Triglavians and work with local defense forces.

The second story recounts a battle at the HEK system in high security space, where a group known as Hog’s Hitmen declared war on over 180 alliances and corporations, with the intention of taking out lone pilots in high sec. It would appear, however, that this group bit off more than it could chew, as one of the targeted groups known as Black Legion helped coordinate a counter-strike against Hog’s Hitmen’s fortizar citadel. A massive war of attrition broke out between the combined forces, which ultimately saw the fortizar destroyed along with around 600 ships for a total of about 80 billion ISK in losses. Despite this, a member of Hog’s Hitmen declared the battle a success, claiming their wardec kill objectives were “crushed.”

In far less violent EVE Online news, the game’s holiday-themed events have kicked off, letting players earn some free goodies for logging in every day between now and January 7th and take part in daily challenges for Skill Points in the Chilling Spree event. Details on the event are at the link above, while The Scope news broadcast can be viewed below.

sources: YouTube, official site, cheers Panagiotis!
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