Hearthstone will nerf the Descent of Dragons Galakrond Shaman and other cards soon


If you play Hearthstone with any regularity, you might have noticed that the recently released Descent of Dragons expansion has introduced a new meta that’s seen the Galakrond Shaman rise to the top. This isn’t an eventual shift in play, however, so much as a reportedly wild imbalance, as the Galakrond Shaman has become so overpowered that the devs are planning to nerf things down in a matter of days.

As it stood, the Galakrond Shaman is able to use its Invoke keyword and Lackeys to unleash torrents of Rush minions on the board. This has seen the deck win practically every match it comes up against, with a 64% win rate in over 100,00 games played and most high-tier ladder matches ending up being Shaman vs. Shaman.

In response to this incredible overtaking of the meta by the Galakrond Shaman, Blizzard’s Team 5 announced on Reddit that adjustments will be incoming, with particular focus on the Shaman. Any cards affected by the adjustment will be given full Arcane Dust refunds. Full details on these changes are expected later this week.

source: Reddit via Newsweek, thanks to Panagiotis for the tip!

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Invoke cards shouldn’t perform the hero power until Galakrond had actually been summoned. They need to be a tempo loss, investing in a future power gain.