Astellia Online welcomes players to Snow Valley, begins free trial weekends

Astellia Online welcomes players to Snow Valley, begins free trial weekends

It’s been a cold December for Astellia Online so far, mainly due to the news that its Korean version is slated to shut down next month. So this relatively new (at least to western audiences) MMO is due for a shot of cheer and joy, which has arrived in the form of its winter holiday event.

Welcome to Snow Valley: A place where Braga Claus calls home and where the weather is pristine and delightful. This hunting zone is decorated from top to bottom for Christmas and includes activities such as decorating a tree, searching for a thief, and helping a frozen Pimpi.

In addition to the zone, Astellia is giving out a series of rewards (including card packs) if you stay logged in for a certain amount of time. The devs have also temporarily reduced the difficulty of its legendary dungeons without changing the rewards.

In other news, if you’ve been angling to try out the game, you can do so for free for the next couple of weekends, as Barunson is running several free trial events.

“Astellia Free Trial! There’s no better time to check out Astellia, and we’re making it easier than ever! Beginning on Friday (12/20) and every weekend till Sunday (1/5) Astellia will be hosting free trial weekends. All you need to do is create an account on our official website, and enter the code: HAPPYHOLIDAYWEEKENDS.”

Source: Astellia Online. Thanks, Slim and David!

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I find myself rooting for this little game. Good luck Astellia!