No Man’s Sky introduces music creation with the ByteBeat device

Buzzer buzzer, cling clang.

Just because you’re in a big lonely void of space doesn’t mean you can’t fill the emptiness with incredibly fresh beats. The latest patch for No Man’s Sky introduces the new ByteBeat device, and it’s a tool for making your own music… or just for letting procedural generation make sweet tunes for your base with only minimal input from you. Whichever option suits your personal level of comfort with generating music and making your base feel more like home, in other words. There’s a reason this won our award for Not So Massively game of the year.

There are a number of different tools available for manipulating the exact tunes generated, to boot, and players can also hook up switches to have lights and other devices pulse in time with the beats of the music. It’s got a lot of flexibility, in other words. You can see a good chunk of it on display in the announcement trailer or in the full community update, or you can just jump into the fray and start playing around with systems right away. Lay down some tracks that are out of this world.

We’re sorry. We had to make the joke. It’s right there.

Source: Official Site; thanks to BalsBigBrother for the tip!

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